Dear friends,

For more than 30 years, I have served the families of Wichita as a professional photographer and one of only a handful of local Master Photographers. Through Camera Angles, Classic Impressions by Trey Allen and Trey Allen Photography, I captured countless thousands of precious family moments in portraiture. In delivering quality photographic services, I am proud of the work I have accomplished, but the time has come for me to formally end my photography career in Wichita. My wife Jennifer and I are relocating to Aspen, Colorado, where I will likely resume part-time photography, but mainly for my own personal and artistic satisfaction.

I urge everyone to be selective when choosing a photographer. The digital revolution has opened the floodgates of many aspiring and self-proclaimed photographers. While many of them have talent, many do not and the results are visible in the images produced. Be selective and get to know what great photography looks like. You can spot the differences in the positioning of people, lighting and overall composition of the images. Also, resist the urge to order your images in digital files only. Wall portraits are lifetime heirlooms to be kept, appreciated and passed through generations. Your computer files, and your smart phones, are not permanent and are always susceptible to viruses and accidental deletion.

If you have any special requests or need to contact me, my information is below. Again, thank you for more than 30 years of patronage.


Trey Allen


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